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Marriage is a ceremony that is rooted in traditions. People from different cultures have unique and beautiful traditions to get married. Sumangalam as the best traditional Wedding Planner in Bhimtal is here with the best-in-class services. If you want to marry with all your traditions, we'll arrange everything you want.

We understand how important and special the day is for you and that's why we are here to arrange your best traditional wedding in Bhimtal, Naukuchia Taal, or Sattal. We are not only your wedding organizer but also your friends as well. We understand your preferences and advise you on how to make your day more special while keeping in mind the budget.

Why Choose Sumangalam Traditional Wedding Organizer For Your Wedding Ceremony?

Traditional wedding planning is a complex task as everything has to be taken care of. From the venue to clothes, from rituals to decorations, it can be complicated, but not with us. Our expert team of traditional wedding organizer in Bhimtal knows how to handle different arrangements.

No matter whether you want to get married following Marwari, Bengali, Christian, Gujarati, Sikh, or any other tradition, we organize the best for you. We make sure that you can enjoy the essence of every ritual, event, and function of your tradition to the fullest without any headaches.

You can enjoy and spend time with your friends and family while we take the responsibilities of each and everything on us. From gifts to guests, setting up vendors to finalizing the decoration, assigning the best catering service to the entertainment facilities, we are here, and you don't have to take any headaches.

How Sumangalam Makes Your Traditional Wedding Most Rememberable?


It starts with thorough Planning

We understand how important planning is. We plan everything while keeping in mind the budget. We make different lists for different events. But at first, we understand our client and their preferences. We understand our clients' personalities and choices so that we can plan the best for them.

venue decoration

We decorate the venue

We understand how important a wedding venue is. We select the best wedding venue that can match your tradition and compliment the rituals. For this purpose, we do thorough research. We sent our team members to check the venue and finalise it for the day. We plan our decoration according to the venue, client's preference, and budget. We plan every ritual separately based on the venue so that you can enjoy everything to the fullest.


Design the attire that matches perfectly

Attires play a special role in the wedding, and everyone wants to look the most beautiful on that special day. We, that's why give special attention towards the attires and their designs. We make sure the dresses match the tradition as well as the venue, and most importantly, our client's personality.

guest management

Special attention to hospitality and logistics

We arrange the best hospitality for our client's guests. We also take care of their pickups and drop-offs. Many things in a traditional wedding have to be moved to the venue. Logistics is very important here, and our team gives special attention to that.


Entertainment facilities

A traditional wedding means rituals, functions, and pre-wedding as well as post-wedding events. We arrange music, dancing stages, dance choreographers, etc., to provide you with complete entertainment facilities.


Select the best caterer

Good food is a must. We book the best caterer in your budget so that your guests remember the tasty food for years. We also finalise the best possible menu to make your special day more special.


Perfect gifts

With us, you don't have to worry about gifts as we select gifts based on relations and preferences. We are here to choose the best gifts for your relatives and guests.

Ending words

We believe in the complete satisfaction of our clients and aim to make the day memorable. Book our best-in-class traditional wedding service today to make your special day memorable.

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