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  • Enjoy your every festival event with Sumangalam festival event organizer who do proper planning with their team to make your event more special.

W h a t S u m a n g a l a m F e s t i v a l E v e n t O r g a n i z e r s D o ?

Organizing a festival event is much more than you think. It needs multidimensional arrangements with different aspects that can even be contradictory sometimes. Planning a festival event on your own is next to impossible as it can be a tiring thing. You need a good team with a proper management plan, and that's why Sumanglam festival event organizer are here to help you out, when it comes to organizing a festival event, we come with proper planning, a highly skilled team, and planned management.

What are Festivals Events & How Many Types of Event We Organise?

Festival events are deeply rooted in culture and belief. These are the events that usually happen in a gap of a certain time.

We are the best festival events organizer in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal that arrange different types of festival events. Whether it is a new year's eve, cultural program, community fest, or art festival. There are some common types of festival events.

  • • Day events such as one-day workshops, special meetings, etc.
  • • Religious/traditional festival events
  • • Seasonal or harvest festival events
  • • Community festival events
  • • Arts festival event

  • No matter whether you're willing to plan a traditional festival like Holi event, community festivals like Onam, Art festival like a music festival, or seasonal festival, our expert team of Bhimtal festival event planner are here to organize it for you in the best way so that you can feel the excitement and charm of the festival without any headache.

    How Does Sumanglam Organize Festival Events?

    We offer the best festival event to our clients that don't have any loopholes. There are some key steps for organizing a festival event that we follow.

    a. Set up the budget

    We fix a budget for the event, and our experienced team of festival event planner in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal decides how much to invest in different things. Budget is the most important thing in any event as every arrangement depends on that, our professional team gives special attention to that.

    b. Create goals and set our management accordingly

    Before starting, we understand the goal of that festival and the expectations people have with it. We have a thorough conversation with our clients to understand their preferences. We create a goal for the management team and start our planning.
    By understanding the requirements, we split our team accordingly and assign experienced members to take care of each department. Management planning is the most important part of a festival event organization.

    c. Understand the budget

    Budget is the main factor in every event. We understand the budget, and our experienced team as well as accounting team members decide how much to spend on different arrangements. We also share our experience with clients to organize a festival that fits best in the budget.

    d. Pick the suitable location

    Even in festival events, the venue is a big factor, we decide the venue depending on the approximate number of guests and budget. We do thorough research to find the best venue for the event and book that as soon as possible. Sumangalam as the best Bhimtal social event organizer sent the team to cross-check everything on the venue and finalize things.

    e. Decorations and theme

    We decorate the venue in a way that suits the charm of the festival. If you plan a theme for your festival event, we're here to organize everything accordingly, whether it is a cultural festival, theme festival, or art festival. We organize it in the best possible way within the budget.

    f. Risk management and security

    Festival events are big scale events, and that's why we give special attention to risk management and security. We identify the potential risk factors and take steps to avoid them.

    g. Book suppliers and entertainment partners

    Festival events require a pretty huge amount of supplies, and also these types of events need to be entertaining. That's why we book entertainers and suppliers way before the festival and discuss different requirements with them. Our team of festival event organizer in Bhimtal make sure to book the best and most experienced partners for the day within your budget.

    h. Tickets and invitation

    Tickets and invitations are a matter of concern. We create a special guest list and custom invitation cards for special members such as funding partners, organizer, suppliers, performers, and special guests.
    We design custom tickets for the festival, we also develop a ticketing strategy to increase the sale of tickets. We discuss the privileges of VIP tickets with our clients as well.

    i. Promotion

    We create a custom marketing and PR strategy for different festivals and develop multi-channel planning as well. We utilize social channels and media channels to promote the festival event and increase the hype among people. We understand the importance of promotion and our marketing team will take care of that.

    We are here to plan the best for you. Our team is ready to turn your festival event into a big success. With proper planning and on-the-day management skills, we know how to take care of different things without any drawbacks. Contact us today to discuss further.

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