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  • Birthday is a very special day for any person and if you want to make that day more special then we as the best birthday party organizer is here to make it.

H o w S u m a g a l a m B i r t h d a y P a r t y P l a n n e r s H e l p Y o u ?

Planning a birthday party can be both an exciting and tiring job. No matter whether you are planning a birthday party for a kid or an adult, if you want it to be great and memorable, you have to take care of different things. That's why Sumanglam as the best birthday party organizer in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukucia Taal, and Sattal is here to help you out. We organize the best birthday parties that stay in memories for a long time whether it's a birthday party of your kid or grandparents. Our team will arrange everything for you which includes venue decoration, cake, return gifts, food & beverage, and entertainment.

How we organise birthday parties?

1. Understand the requirements

Understanding the requirements of a client is our first objective as the needs for a birthday party of 5 years old kid, a 30 years old person, and a 60 years old person are always different. Our professional team of Bhimtal birthday party organizer understands the choices and preferences, talk to close people, and plan a party that perfectly suits the personality of the birthday person.

2. Budget

Budget is the most important thing for any type of event so we fix a budget for the entire party, and our management decides how they can utilize the money in the best way to organize every aspect of the party perfectly.

3. Fix where to have the party

We talk with the birthday person and the people close to them to fix where they want to organize the birthday party. If they want to book a venue, we do thorough research to find out the best venue for the special day. We shortlist the best venues and send our team there to cross-check everything and finalize it. Even if you want to have the birthday party in your house we will arrange it because we respectly understand the space availability and utilize your money in the best way.

4. Decorations and themes

Birthday decoration is a matter of concern. We decorate the venue according to clients' preference even if you want a special theme for the birthday party, we will organise everything, including decorations, costumes, games, etc. Whether you choose the Harry Potter theme for your kid's birthday or the 90s Bollywood theme for your parent's birthday, we are here to organise. Theme birthday parties organised by our best event planner in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal have been a success.

5. Entertainment

We give special attendance to entertainment. We offer different games for kids such as treasure hunt, musical chair, hide and seek, bubble wrap race, balloon burst, drama game, etc. We also arrange live teddy bears or superheroes for the party.

Besides that, we arrange card games, truth or dare, and other games for adults. Besides that, music and dance are organized for all. We make sure to make the special day packed with fun.

6. Guests and invitations

We help our clients to prepare a guest list and give special attention to the guests. Preparing custom invitation cards is our specialty. We designed the best birthday cards and sent them to the guests. We take care of guests and their needs. Their satisfaction is our duty.

7. Food and snacks

As food and snacks leave a lasting impression on guests, we as the best Bhimtal birthday party organizer try our best to do this and set the best possible menu within the budget and we never compromise with the quality of food.

8. Return gifts

Worried about returning gifts? With Sumanglam events, it is not a problem as we select the best return gifts for your guests. We thank your guests warm-heartedly for attending the party.

Sumanglam is an all-in-one solution for your birthday party planning, we plan everything professionally but from our hearts. We take full responsibility and provide our clients with 100% perfect parties. Contact us to plan your birthday party.

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