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  • Social events or social gathering means a lot for organizing persons but there is no need to worry when we as the greatest social event organizer are here to help you.

H o w D o S u m a n g a l a m S o c i a l E v e n t O r g a n i z e r s M a k e Y o u r E v e n t S u c c e s s f u l ?

Social event planning is not that easy. No matter what type of social event you are willing to plan, it may be a tiring job. Sometimes it becomes tough to keep things organized and give equal attention to different aspects of a social event. Sumanglam is the greatest social event planner in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal who takes every responsibility and organizes a successful social event for you. We have experienced members in our team who know how to make things work, from networking to invitations to the venue to menu, our team manages everything.

We Organize Different Types of Social Events

Social events, as a whole, is a huge thing, and it has different dimensions as well. We organize every type of social event, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • • Day events such as one-day workshops, special meetings, etc.
  • • Birthdays, Bar and bat Mitzvahs, etc.
  • • Personal events such as promotion, graduation, or retirement celebrations
  • • Bridal and baby shower and name-giving ceremony
  • • Family reunions
  • • Weddings, engagement parties, and Vow renewals
  • • Seasonal events
  • • Holiday parties

  • In each type of social event, our team of Bhimtal social event organizer gives 100% to provide you with the best as well as they take care of everything with responsibility.

    How do Sumangalam Social Event Planner Arranges perfect social events?

    1. Set up the budget

    Budget is the most important thing in any event as every arrangement depends on that. It's the first work of our expert team of Social event oragnizer in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Satttal to sit with the client for budget fixing then they decide how much to invest in different things.

    2. Venue

    Whether it is a destination wedding or a seasonal function, it is important to choose the right venue for each event. We understand our clients' preferences and choices and work accordingly. We do thorough research to shortlist the best suitable venues for the event. Even if you're willing to celebrate your engagement on a yacht or want your wedding to be organized in a palace or beside the shores, we are here to organize it with perfection.

    3. Decoration and theme

    Decorations play a huge role in social events. Different types of social events require different types of decoration. We understand the need and work accordingly. Even if you're willing to have a theme for your special event, we as the best Bhimtal social event organizer are here to arrange everything so that you can enjoy with your friends or relative without any stress.

    4. Invitation and guests

    We help you to prepare guest lists and invitation cards according to your preferences. Also, we arrange passes for social events such as workshops or local social meetings, our team takes special care of your guests and makes sure that they have no complaints about the arrangements.

    5. Entertainment arrangements

    Your guests shouldn't be bored, and that's why entertainment arrangements are a priority. We arrange dance stages, choreographers, singers ( if needed), and different types of games depending on what kind of social event we are organizing. It's the responsibility of our team of social event organizer in Bhimtal to keep your guests entertained.

    6. Finalizing suppliers

    We finalize the best suppliers on budget and take special care of quality. We shortlist the best suppliers and finalize everything with them before time because we never believe in last-minute arrangements.

    7. Food and snacks

    Food leaves a long-lasting impression on guests and that's why we select the best catering service for the event and also we suggest clients the best possible menu within the budget.

    8. Gifts

    With us, you don't have to worry about gifts as we arrange gifts while keeping in mind the guests and the nature of the event. We arrange the best gifts for your guests.
    We are here to organize the best social event for you. Our personalized planning is what you need to make your special events even more special, your satisfaction is our reward. Contact us for further discussion.

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