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  • Sumangalam is the best catering service provider that offers you best-in-quality of food & beverages with the great hospitality.

W h y C h o o s e S u m a n g a l a m C a t e r i n g S e r v i c e P r o v i d e r s ?

Catering is an essential part of every event and we understand that Sumangalam as the best catering service provider in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal is here to provide you with mouthwatering food items made with quality ingredients that are carefully chosen from local suppliers. We take responsibility to provide your guests with the food that will give their taste buds a joyful delight. So, just choose us for any event we will offer you sensational food items for different events tailored to your preference.

In Which Events We Offer Our Catering Services?

Sumanglam offers catering services for every type of event. Some of the key categories are mentioned below.

Our Catering Services:-

Sumanglam Events is your 360 degrees catering solution for any event. We offer efficient and reasonable catering service without compromising the quality so that you can have a satisfying experience. Contact us now for further discussions.

Bhimtal catering service providers offer every type of seamless wedding catering service to clients. Here are some common services we provide at weddings -

engagement catering
Engagement catering service

We offer luxury catering services for engagement ceremonies.

wedding day catering
Wedding day catering service

We offer a seamless catering service on your special day that can enhance the sweetness of your special day.

reception catering
Reception catering service

For reception parties, we arrange high-quality and sensational food items that your guests would praise.

We offer catering services for every party. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor party, we are here to serve good food on that special day. Our party catering services include

birthday party catering
Birthday parties

Whether you are organizing a birthday party for your 8-month old child or 80 years old parents, Sumangalam as the greatest catering service provider in Bhimtal is here to make the day even more special by providing you with finger-licking food items.

wedding anniversary catering
Anniversary parties

Planning to organize an anniversary party to celebrate your special day? Don't take any stress for food as we are here to serve delightful food items on that day.

housewarming catering
House warming party

Stepping into a new house is an occasion to celebrate, and we offer food that can increase the excitement of the celebration.

corporate events catering
Corporate parties

Corporate parties are professional parties where luxury is needed in food items as well. If you are planning to organize a corporate event for the success of your business or a new product launch? Don't take any stress as Sumangalam not only offer food & beverage services for wedding & parties only but also we are the best corporate catering service providers in Bhimtal that is here to serve delightful food items on that day.

outdoor catering
Outdoor catering services

Looking for an efficient outdoor catering service? you are at the right place, we are here as the greatest catering service provider to provide you with an amazing experience of outdoor catering service.

club catering
Catering services for functions in the club

Organizing a special function in the club? Satisfying your guests with high-quality and delicious food items is our responsibility.

social event catering
Social Function Catering

No matter which social function you're going to have, Sumanglam catering service providers in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal are here to offer an efficient and quality catering service for your function.

education catering
Catering for events in educational institutions

If your educational institute is going to have a special event such as an annual program or annual sports, we can help you out by providing you with a high-quality catering service.

buffet catering
Buffet catering

We offer a buffet catering service for every program and event.

Sumangalam Have Professional Chefs to Make Your Food With Top-Quality Ingredient

main catering

We have a passion for serving good food every time to our clients that can leave a long-lasting impact on guests' memories. We are experienced in handling large and small events whether it is a professional event or a personal event, we know how to provide you with a luxury catering experience. We have passionate as well as professional chefs in our Bhimtal catering service who are about turning unique ideas into reality. When it comes to quality, we never compromise it at any cost, we take care of the quality of every ingredient and make sure to cook the food by following proper hygiene. With us, you don't have to take any headaches about the food. We take full responsibility to bring you the quality, quantity, and luxury you are looking for.

At first, we understand the budget and provide you with a sample menu and quotes according to your preference. We are 24×7 available at your service to listen to your ideas. We organize the whole thing with mutual discussion and understanding as your words matter to us. Sumanglam Events offers 100% personalized services to clients that meet all the requirements. We also offer a creative approach to the dietary requirements and allergies of your family members and guests. Complete satisfaction is our ultimate motto. Our professional and seamless catering service is what you need to glorify your event and satisfy your guests.


Give Sumangalam Catering Service Providers a Chance to Offer You Best-in-Class Food & Beverages

Looking for an food & drink service providers for your event? Just choose our catering service providers in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, & Sattal to make your event special by offering you top-quality of food wth hospitality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Sumanglam Events have its own chef?

Yes. We have experienced chefs in our team who are passionate about creating new, unique, and delicious food items.

2Is catering service expensive?

Catering service is reasonable with reliable caterers such as Sumanglam Events. We offer luxury catering services at reasonable rates without compromising the quality.

3Does Sumanglam Events offer catering service for festival events?

Yes. Sumanglam Events offers catering services for every type of event, including festival, social and fundraising events.

4Why do we need a professional catering service?

It is impossible to clock for a large number of invitees on your own, and food is the most important part of any event. Guests would remember the taste for a long time, and that's why a professional catering service is important.

5Does Sumanglam Events set up the menu?

We set up the menu after a mutual discussion with our clients. We understand the preferences and requirements and set the best possible menu for the event within budget.