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  • Sumangalam is the best tent organizer that offers different varieties of tents for several types of events, parties, and wedding ceremonies.

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Tents can make your event more beautiful as it allows you instant access to nature while being inside a well-designed tent. If you're thinking about an event organized on the open ground, a beautiful tent is what you lack. We are the best tent house service provider in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal who understand how much tents can enhance the class of an event, and that's why we offer special tent service to our clients. We don't only offer tent services, but we make sure to decorate the premises and the inside portion of the tent according to the nature of your event. We organize everything and cover every aspect of the event besides providing you with well-decorated tents.

For Which Occasions We Offer Tent Services?

We offer tents for every party and event, some of the events are mentioned below-

wedding tents
Rent a tent for a wedding

You can rent a tent to beautify your wedding decorations. Whether you've always dreamt about having your grand day on open premises or somewhere besides the shores, we are here to provide you with a tent that can beautify your wedding decorations. Tents in weddings can add a cinematic ambiance, especially when it comes to destination weddings. While Sumangalam is the best tent service provider in Bhimtal, Nainital, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal that arranges the best wedding events for the clients, we give special attention to decorating everything as your dreams. Tents are blank canvases with nothing pre-designed. So, here we have the full scope to design your wedding premises as your dreams.

tents for parties
tents for parties
Rent a tent for your party

A tent is also a perfect thing for any party, especially when you don't know the actual number of guests. It becomes congested in a concrete building, but tents have versatility. On the other hand, if you're organizing a big event, linked tents allow vendors to have their space and complete the setup. A tent is a perfect place for different types of parties, such as commercial parties, retirement parties, etc.

tents for festival events
Rent a tent for festival events

In festival events, it is impossible to estimate the actual number of guests. On the other hand, If you organize a festival event within a concrete setup, you have to take full responsibility to keep the property clean and protect it from any kind of damage. Tents are the blank campus, so you don't have to take the headache about ruining the paint of the property, etc. So, just choose our tent house service in Bhimtal for any festival event.

tents for local events
Rent tents for local events

Local events such as local concerts, local fairs, etc. can't be done within four walls, and on the other hand, if you organize everything under the sky, there is a high chance that everything will be ruined because of rain. Tents allow you to have a fair on open ground without worrying about the rain as they are waterproof. Whether it is a local concert, an annual program of a society, seasonal event, or local fair, rent a quality and waterproof tent from the Sumanglam tent house.

tents for picnic
Rent tent for picnics

Planning to have a group picnic, you'll surely need a place to organize the food arrangements and have some rest where the scorching sun is not over your head. That's why Bhimtal tent service providers offer the best quality of tents for picnics. Whether it is a corporate picnic, society picnic, family hang out, or anything else. You can rent a tent from us.

charity events tents
Tent for campaigns and charity events

When you're planning to organize an awareness campaign, you can't plan it within four walls, especially if you are traveling to any rural area. You have to meet local people in your campaign to fulfill your goals. We understand the need, and that's why we offer our special tent services for campaigns and charity events.

tents for offbeat
Travelling to an offbeat? We're here

Willing to travel to an offbeat location for camping? Don't worry as in our tent house services in Nainital, Bhimtal, Naukuhia Taal, and Sattal you will get the best camps. Whether you are going camping with your friends or going on a trek, we have the best options of tents for you. We understand how much traveling is connected with the need of having good tents and that's why we also offer traveling tents as well.

Why choose us?

tent house

We offer waterproof and efficient tents for almost every occasion, whether it is a corporate party, wedding, or fundraising event, we understand the needs of our clients. Not only do we offer tents, but we also offer event management services with 100% perfection. With us, you can get both – Amazing tents for your event and tent decoration according to your preference. Tent house services in Bhimtal have different types of tent options at a reasonable price so that you don’t have to worry about expenses while planning the event.

Choose Sumangalam Tent House Services For Your Any Event

Tents are the only thing that beautify the decor of your any event and if you are looking for a tent house service provider to rent a tent then just give us a chance to make your dream event happen real.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Sumanglam Events set up the tent on the premises?

We don’t only offer our clients tents, but we also take responsibility to set it up. No matter for which event you are willing to rent our tent, we are here to set it up in your preferred event premises.

2Why do tents have the best scopes to decorate?

Tents are blank canvases. There is nothing previously decorated so you can decorate the blank canvases as you wish as there are no boundaries.

3For which occasions Sumanglam Events offer tent?

Sumanglam Events offer tents for almost every occasion. Whether it is camping, parties, weddings, festival events, or fairs, we are here to provide you with the best quality tents.

4Are tents expensive?

Not with us. With Sumanglam events, you can rent a tent at affordable prices. We understand your needs and that’s why we offer our tent services at a reasonable price.