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How We Organize Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding planning

We are "Sumangalam" that provides the best wedding services in Bhimtal, we focus on giving the best plan to our clients for their big day that is outstanding and economical.

Our strategies aim at providing a world-class outcome for any type of event. Our dedicated team of wedding planner minutely handles all the tasks of the event.

The first important step is determining the administrative process, the guest list, and establishing a budget. Then we choose the perfect wedding venues in Bhimtal, Naukuchia Taal, Sattal according to the given budget, the number of guests, and other required information.

After which, we help you finalize your given guest list, send the invitation cards, purchase your wedding dress, other wedding attires, and arrange for all the pre-wedding events. The final step is to confirm the wedding details with vendors and make your dream wedding successful.

Wedding venue
Wedding Venue

Deciding on the perfect wedding venue that matches the demands and budget of the client is crucial. We do a lot of research before selecting that perfect wedding location all over India, depending on our client’s vision.

Wedding venues can be indoor or outdoor, banquets, or destination weddings. To begin with, there are some essential points that our Bhimtal wedding service consider, which are:

  • - The approximate budget for the wedding.
  • - What kind of venue do you prefer?
  • - How many guests will be there at the wedding?
  • - Are the catering services, accommodation, and decoration costs added with the venue cost?
  • - Check for available packages available at the venue.
  • - Ahead of finalizing and signing the contract, we diligently read and understand every point mentioned on it.
  • - Finally, we deposit money to book the venue for your wedding day.
Wedding vendors
Wedding Vender

Wedding vendors include the Wedding Officiant, The Florist, Wedding Photographer, Videographer, Decorators, Caterers, The Baker, Band, DJ, Trasporatiom Drivers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylist, Stationer, Jeweler, and others.

In advance, we contact all these people to come prepared on the big day with their entire team. We follow a few basics to book the appointments with the vendors, including:

  • - We contact and finalize the vendors 3-4 months before the wedding.
  • - The approximate budget for vendors is kept in mind before choosing.
  • - We schedule appointments with all the vendors from the consideration list before finalizing one.
  • - Our team determines if the personalities of the vendors mesh well with our clients.
Wedding reception
Wedding Reception

Along with the entire wedding, our Bhimtal wedding organizer also arranges for the reception. The first and foremost thing to do for the reception is to look for the appropriate venue. The wedding season plays a vital role in venue availability.

For this, the reception venue must be decided 9-10 months before the wedding date. Then we determine the overall budget for the reception. There are essential elements for the reception that includes whether the venue will be indoor or outdoor, type of wedding cake, the seating arrangements, reception menu, decorations, etc.

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Wedding Decor

There are various types of wedding decors that we can arrange for our clients. It can range from stage backdrop, fresh floral backdrop, fabric drapes or curtains, floral paper backdrop, theme-based decoration, wedding mandap, rustic wedding, vintage wedding, classic wedding, and many more

Our wedding service in Bhimtal has a team of expert people who decorates the venue according to the client’s demand. We also arrange meetings with our clients and decorate the forum as per their requirements. Our staff and professionals take care of all the details to meet your needs and wants.

Why Should You Hire Us as Best Wedding Ceremony Organizer?

Plain and simple, we as a wedding organizer, ensure the whole event stays on track and runs smoothly.

Here are the benefits you reap from us -

save time
Save time

On average, planning a wedding takes around 200+ hours. Yes, you heard us right! We plan your special day at ease and make you feel less stressful.

best budget
Help you stay within budget

We help in creating a detailed budget for your wedding and keep clients on track to stay within their budget. As a wedding organizer, we have good relationships with other wedding vendors. They are oftentimes able to negotiate pricing, which will be an added advantage to the clients.

valuable advice
Provide valuable advice

We knew every ins and outs of the wedding industry. We will suggest perfect wedding venues that suit your wedding theme, fit within your budget, and yet also provide the best environment you want. We also know the best florist who can create a stunning floral backdrop or wedding DJ who keeps your guests dancing all night.

save relationship
Save relationships

Oftentimes, finding the perfect wedding organizer will be a difficult task as per their specifications for both bride and groom. As a wedding organizer we deal with every situation and help manage the conflicts that usually happen at weddings.

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W h a t P e o p l e S a y

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Services

1How much does your Wedding Planning Services cost?

Our service charges are according to industry standards. This cost is calculated considering the percentage of the total wedding budget and the work to be done after the final discussion. However, this cost varies from wedding to wedding depending upon its range and the total amount of work. Other related factors also determine the overall budget for the wedding. Hiring us won’t necessarily cost you more than your budget.

2Is the Pre Wedding and Post Wedding included with your plan?

The Pre and Post wedding plan depends on the package you select for your wedding. We offer different packages; you can choose one per your budget and need. If you choose the wedding package inclusive of the pre and post-wedding plan, we will plan and manage the entire process in the most effective way possible.

3How much time do you take to plan and coordinate a wedding?

The ideal time to plan for a wedding should be 1-2 months before the actual wedding day. Nowadays, people book wedding venues a year ahead of the wedding, so we must reserve the venue and the services immediately after getting the available wedding dates. This helps us execute the plan that will match or exceed your expectations.

4Do you Plan and Arrange other Events besides Weddings?

Yes, we plan other private or corporate events also.

5What makes you different from other Wedding Organizer?

Every Wedding Organizer is different in their approach. Our USP is that we try to figure out the bride and groom’s personality, likes, dislikes and arrange everything according to their preference. We arrange for a face-to-face meeting with the bride and groom and jot down the critical points they want on their wedding day. This includes the wedding venue decoration, wedding dress, cake, catering menu, color themes, dress codes for the guests, and other such things.