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I S S U M A N G A L A M A B E S T C O R P O R A T E E V E N T P L A N N E R S ?

Corporate events play a special role in corporate sectors. Usually, they are organized to discuss company strategy or goals, launch a new product, motivate company staff or celebrate achievements. Corporate events are way huge than just meeting planning. While planning a corporate event, one should keep in mind the company agenda, and the purpose of the event as every corporate event has different requirements and they need to be handled differently. We are the best Bhimtal corporate event organizer who take care of every aspect of a corporate event, and also, we know how to meet the requirements of different types of events.

Which Corporate Events Does Sumangalam Organise?

We are the finest corporate event planner in Bhimtal, Naukuchia Taal, and Sattal who organises every type of corporate event. As a whole, there are mainly 4 types of corporate events.

  • • Micro events such as corporate meetings and staff training sessions.
  • • Small events such as training and departmental conference
  • • Midsize events such as leadership summit, a specially important client meeting, etc.
  • • Large scale events such as product launches, goal achievement parties, celebration parties, etc.

  • We organise all of them with 100% perfection.

    How Does Sumangalam Organise Corporate Events?

    We have an expert team of Corporate event organizer in Bhimtal who understands the requirements of the event and plan it accordingly. Here are some steps on how we organize the perfect corporate events.

    1. Setting up the budget

    Budget is the most important part of any kind of event management. The budget can impact every part of an event, from venue to menu. The event budget usually needs to be a little flexible, but even if it's not, we provide the best possible arrangements within the budget. For complex budget planning, we use the best corporate event management software to estimate the possible accurate budget.

    2. Understanding the event objective

    It's important to understand the key objectives of a corporate event. Should the event be planned to impress potential clients, or should it be planned to cheer up the existing team? It is the question you should ask yourself. Regardless of the event objective, we understand it deeply and build individual strategies for different events. We understand the nature of that particular corporate house and the preferences of the leadership team before planning our management. We as the best Bhimtal corporate event organizer help our clients to build a specific, achievable, and relevant event objective.

    3. Sourcing venue

    The venue is another important part of an event. We make sure that the venue creates an impressive impression on your clients as well as on your team. Our team does thorough research to find a perfect venue for your corporate event. We send the RFP to multiple venues and shortlist the best among them. Once the venues were shortlisted, we send our team to cross-check everything and finalize the venue. After that, we plan decoration, entertainment, and other things according to the venue and your preferences.

    4. Event marketing

    Event marketing campaigns make the partners, stockholders, and employees much more involved. We use tools like social media, email marketing, mobile applications, etc., to brand your event so that it becomes a great success and turns out to be beneficial for your company.

    5. Guest engagement

    We make sure that your guests get engaged with the event. For this, we use tools, advanced digital technologies, and much more. We never let the guests be bored in an event. We make the attendees engaged with your content, the sponsors, or with each other, depending on the needs of that particular event. By using the most appropriate technology, we will provide your guests with exactly what they are looking for.

    Sumanglam events organizer are the Picasso of the art of event planning. We plan the event after understanding every aspect properly. We take the whole responsibility so that you don't have to take any headache and provide you with the event of your dreams. Contact us for further discussion.

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